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Rana, I share your outrage at the place we've come to, that you describe here, and the reasons for it. What I think runs counter to this is what we're seeing in the Middle East this year -- a groundswell of change coming from the people themselves, organized through the technology that we hold in our hands, almost impossible for governments to control though of course they are trying. (It strikes me as so ironic that the U.S. administration is putting together teams and techonology to aid such rebellions in countries "clamoring for democracy", while conferring with the G8 about how to control the internet!)In the short term, I'm not hopeful either, and especially not about the climate and energy issues. We are living in a world where money (which =control of resources) drives everything. But I do think that by shifting our attention from the overwhelming big picture to the grassroots and new, horizontal forms of networking, we can feel a bit less powerless and encourage one another to keep creating and keep living life as opposed to the living death that we see happening around us. In the long term, it's possible that even in the western world people will opt for freedom and real democracy, but it's going to take a collapse of the present system. Third parties aren't enough -- we have them in Canada, but they end up splitting the liberal/progressive vote and allowing conservative governments to win.

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