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Bitewings? Bah! Suck it up! ;-)

Here's mine.


Aaaah, you try the evil bitewings when your mouth is tiny and full of crooked teeth. OUCH.

On the other hand, digital x-rays are utterly cool.

Phantom Scribbler

Curry rice with raisins? OK, if I post my recipes as part two of the meme, can I persuade you to post yours?

I have a nice tick in a jar I could send you as an incentive.


Hi Rana,
Here's mine.


AAAAH! No ticks!

The curry rice isn't that hard, really. Do you have the Laurel's Kitchen cookbook by any chance? I basically use that recipe as a starting point, but include raisins in it. (It kinda evolves depending on the veggies in the fridge, but raisins and mushrooms and peas are the stand-bys.) It more-or-less involves stirring together curry and oil and onions, then adding the raisins and peas and mushrooms, then adding in already cooked rice. But I'll try to find a more detailed version. :)

litbrit - for some reason, I'm not seeing yours. :(

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