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Phantom Scribbler

Oh, you inspired me to try with another picture. It was awesome!

Linus Torvalds
Jose Carreras
Martina Navratilova
Robin Williams
Sigourney Weaver
Elizabeth Taylor
Ariel Sharon
Cate Blanchett
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Sophie Marceau

I wonder how frequently Cate Blanchett is mistaken for Ariel Sharon?



Chris Clarke

I used this photo. Disappointingly, the software did not register Zeke's face: I was counting on Marilyn Quayle for his number one lookalike.

Rowan Atkinson
Sergei Rachmaninoff
William Butler Yeats
Bruno Walter
Damon Hill
Shahrukh Kahn (who really hasn't been too popular since leaving Rufus)
Carl Sagan
Brad Pitt
Pierce Brosnan


Zhang Ziyi
Lucy Liu
Mae West
Drew Barrymore
Aung San Suu Kyi
Audrey Hepburn
Barbara Stanwyck
Hilary Duff

Oddly, Becky looks EXACTLY like ALL THOSE WOMEN.


I did that and got Olivia Newton-John and a younger version of Liv Ullmann. I forgot who else.


Pre-beard, eh? Too bad about Zeke. (But surely he's better looking than Mrs. Quayle, right?)

Those aren't bad, Clancy.

I think part of the reason I'm intrigued by this, vanity aside (lots of pushing and shoving required there), is that I have _never_ in my life been compared to a celebrity, and only once to any person outside of my immediate family. (I have some of my mother's looks, I look _a lot_ like my father's mother, and I share voice and accent with my female cousins.) So it's bizarre to enter this alterna-world where something sees a resemblance.


Heh. It says I look like Paula Radcliffe, Michelle Pfeiffer (I *wish*), or Cat Stevens. It only came up with about a half-dozen faces. I don't think the photo was ideal, but I'm camera-shy and thus have very few pictures of myself floating around.

Personally, I'd rather go with the judgment of the friend who once told me I looked like Amelia Earhart.


Hritwik's name is actually spelled Hrithik. The site misspelled it. He's a Bollywood actor.


Ah. Thank you! I feel more informed now. :)

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