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New Kid on the Hallway

Brrr, you sound cold with all those layers on!

Phantom Scribbler

I want pictures of the sweater and socks!


I self-tagged myself with this.

We have the same hairdresser this morning.


New Kid -- I am _always_ cold unless I'm bundled up and/or eating a lot of warm food. I am happiest in the 70-80F range, which it very much is not around here these days. (Like a cat, I've figured out where all the warm spots are; happily, the bathroom is one of them, or I would be truly miserable.)

PS -- Yeah, I need to get around to posting them. Something to do once teaching's over...

KathyR -- I'm always grateful my hair's not long and curly, so I can get away with that. I am still puzzled as to how my hair managed to be both oily _and_ staticky and fly-away yesterday. Yeesh.

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