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Oh, it's not the shaving the pubic hair that's the issue, it's the growing back. Itch! Itch itch my god the itch! I hear, though, if you *both* are hairless, it's worth it. (I won't be trying this, but feel free to tell me if the rumours are true.)


Yeah, it's not the baldness, it's the itchy aftermath and --TMI -- the in-grown hairs.

(As for the two-fer, I don't think I'm likely to persuade D. to make the experiment anytime soon, and I really don't want to go through the growing-out experience again. Someone else will have to give it a try and report back. ;) )


So now I'm weary of posting my version on my blog... and it's a crying shame too 'cause it's a great list! But people from my office read it and all those guys (really, nearly all guys) absolutely do not need to hear about my pubic-hair-shaving habits. (Just by the way on that one: electric razor...) Nor do they need to know my answer to the sex-in-the-office question.

I'm most impressed that you've had a snake as a pet. And (of course) that you've sold your artwork to people who don't know you. That's just always impressive.


Oh, and WA, the rumors are true. And, in my experience, the electric razor helps with the ingrown hairs... and even with the itching, a bit. The trick with that is to just keep shaving. Or else grin and squirm and bear the itch for about five days and not shave again.


Do you find electric razors help? Not for the pubic hair as much as, say, my legs. I would love something faster for my legs, but only if it's painless. I have no intention of shaving my pubic hair again -- I'm way too lazy to keep things shaved, and the itching is so not worth it.

I am totally curious about the number of people who've fallen in love at Mayan burial grounds.


Yup, I find that electric razors make shaving my legs easier too. Also, I don't cut myself or have infected hair follicles, which both shaving and waxing used to give me. Although I have to confress I consider one of winter's advantages that one can forego shaving one's legs... I mean, one can just wear pants throughout, or black thick black tights if the urge to wear a skirt strikes.

How symbolic of cycles of life and death: love at Mayan burial grounds. I kinda want to fall in love in a really strange place the next time. Just for the adventure of it.


That is a good thing to know about the electric razors, though I'm such a cheapass that I probably will never buy one.

I love that I don't have to shave my legs in the winter! (Not that I do much anyway; it's pits and below the knees -- I'm blessed in having fine pale thigh hair.)

It is a strange list, isn't it? Some of it seems so normal to me (along the lines of damn, what do you mean you've never made cookies from scratch?) and some of it so odd (like "See Siouxsie live" Whaaa?).

It also makes me want to add some oddities of my own. Hmm...


Well, I'll just continue to take up comments and ask LiL if she has razor suggestions.

In high school, it was all girls, and we would have "who has the longest leg hair" discussions in March, before spring break. It's fun. But I like the feel of having shaved legs.

The list is very weird. It seems like it's made up of some interesting things one person did -- or didn't do but wanted to -- plus additions from friends or what have you. I also tend to think it's someone young who wrote it, because of that "dumped via blogger" thing.


63 days in a canoe? No kidding? Wow.


Well, minus a few camp days here and there. The overall trip was 73 days. (It was an early incarnation of this expedition.)

Believe you me, I got damn good at paddling, and if I never again have to tote huge heavy dry bags over rolling rock portages, I will not complain. Otherwise, it was the "trip of a lifetime" -- though I have hopes of getting myself strong enough to do another such trip someday.

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