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Another Damned Medievalist

Lucy. can you believe it? Ok, maybe, but not if you figure in the pulling the football away from Chrlie Brown part. That's so not me. It couldn't be, because I'm also a yellow rose.


Rerun? Why don't I recall a Rerun???

I got Sally Brown. It called me a ditz. Not sure what to think of that.


I was Franklin, and I remember him AND Rerun. I guess that makes me a Peanuts geek. :)


ADM, I so wanted to be Lucy.


I never particularly liked Lucy as a kid, but to a degree I identified with her, being a somewhat bossy older sister with a little brother firmly attached to a blanket.


PS and Rana, Texas ain't so bad a place to be from my trips there.


Yeah, I'm being snarky. I actually think that West and North Texas are beautiful.

But Houston was a steam bath, and for all that I have family living in Texas (working for the oil industry, no less), I doubt I'd be happy there for long, and only in a relatively liberal place like Austin. Definitely more a place to visit than live (despite my being willing to accept one tenure-track job there, once).


Yes, Houston is on par with New Orleans for the humidity and I don't know where it stands with crime these days but about a decade ago, it was right up there with the worst cities. I agree re: Austin but I also like San Antonio. Dallas burbs, obviously, although that wouldn't be too terribly different than here in a way. I'm in love with the Texas roads, I confess. Their interstate system is so far superior to ours. Our highway people are obviously nutcases.

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