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I've now copied in the text which didn't occur to me until I saw your results. Go Green!


I'm green too! (which seems to mostly correlate with INTJ traits -- my Myers-Brigg score) --


Green, but INTP. (And I'm way into N and P, and fairly close to the centre in I(E) and T(F).)


Interesting. I used to test more as an ENTJ or an ENTP, but the latest test had me as an INTJ.

The problem with these things is that I'm pretty closely down the middle for most of the scales. I like people and talking, but I'm comfortable working and living alone for much of the time. Ditto the feeling/thinking thing. Most things I'm very analytical about, but sometimes emotion trumps analysis. And so on.

Another Damned Medievalist

Eeewwww! Look at this!

At work or in school: I like to be with people, sharing with them, inspiring them, and helping them. I work and learn best when I can take into consideration people and the human element. I flourish in an atmosphere of cooperation.
With friends: I always look for perfect love. I am very romantic, and I enjoy doing thoughtful things for others. I am affectionate, supportive and a good listener.
With family: I like to be happy and loving. I am very sensitive to rejection from my family and to family conflicts. I really like to be well thought of and need frequent reassurance. I love intimate talks and warm feelings.

And I always test EN T/F J! Weird. On the Grigorich (sp) thing, I end up Abstract Sequential ... But accourding to this, I'm a romantic. Feh!


I'm an INTJ, with the INT just a little over the border, and the J, umm, way off on the judge side.


I'm blue.
Somehow I knew I would be.

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