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Worker bee

CHE sys: "Th nm strtd t s jk. n hr rrvl hm frm tchng n dy, sh rlzd tht n n t hr cllg vr sw hr. "I'm ttrly nvsbl," sh tld hr hsbnd.”

N, hr hsbnd s th n wh s cmpltly nvsbl. H s th ghst n th fmly mchn, th n wh wrks (f I rmmbr my Nw Yrk lwyr dys) 10-12 hrs dy gd sx dys wk. cdmc wvs wh nvr sm t mk mch mny r lk th Jnr Lgrs f ystryr. Gys, ftr 30 yrs f fmnsm sk yrslf ths, wld YR wf pt p wth yr pddlng rnd n dnk jb lk ths wmn whn thr r mrtgg pymnts t b md nd fd t pt n th tbl?

CHE sys: “ "lwys smrt, vr tmprt, bl t lp tll sss n sngl pst, I.. hs bn th ws nd wtty kpr f n f th blgsphr's mst cmfrtbl nd cnny crnrs," sh wrt."

h, yh. sy whn y dn't hv t spprt nyn fr lvng nd cn rly n Mr. Invsbl t tk cr f y.

CHE sys: ""Fr ll prctcl ntnts nd prpss, th djnct s lw-wg wrkr wtht bnfts wh cn b hrd nd frd t wll," sh nc wrt. "S n wht wy cn th djnct b n ntrprnr, xcpt n hs r hr wn mnd?"

s n ntrprnr wh spprts nn-wrkng rtst nd r dghtr, I’ll tll y hw y cn b n ntrprnr: y ly wk t nght, wk p t thr M nd cn’t gt bck t slp, y swt bllts tht yr clnt wll gv y th nxt tdbt f wrk nxt mnth, bt thy dn’t hv t. Y hv n yr cntrct?!? I wld KILL fr n yr cntrct ... wth nyn. I M n ntrprnr. I lv mnth t mnth nd tsk t tsk.

CHE sys: “Yt sh knws lvng cdm sn't s smpl s qttng jb. "It's nt smthng lk 9-t-5 jb tht y dd fr whl nd t ddn't wrk t," sh sys. "Thr s srs dntty nvstmnt. Y r n cdmc. Thn y dn't gt jb, nd y thnk: 'I'm nthng. I'm wrthlss.'"”

“srs dntty nvstmnt”? Wht? Hny, hv y vr hd t spprt yrslf r smn ls? Mst f s t hr n th rl wrld dn’t hv th lxry f n “dntty”. W d wrk 9-5, nd n, hny, n n crs.

CHE sys: "Myb," sh sys, "I'll g t lw schl."

Lw Schl? Lw Schl?!?! n whs dm, hny? Mr. Invsbl? Hsn’t h pd ngh? Why nt try bng wf nd mthr? It s tgh spprtng ypp fmly n Nw Yrk. It s vn tghr whn n s n vrgd dlscnt wth cs f rrstd dvlpmnt. S nw Mr. Invsbl hs t py fr hr Nw Yrk lfstyl, pt hr thrgh hr SCND cdmc crr nd pck p th tb fr th wmn wh s th RL mthr t hs chld whl sh pddls n cdm: th Htn nnny.

Mr. Invsbl, y cn d bttr. Thr r wmn wh knw wht gd mn s wrth nd r wllng t mk n ql cntrbtn t th fmly.


Um, worker bee, why are you ranting here? This is my own personal blog, not some forum for spouting off about how you feel slighted for someone apparently not having it as rough as you. Nor am I Invisible Adjunct, nor Scott Smallwood, author of the article.

Perhaps you should get your own blog?

Meanwhile, cool your jets or I'm banning your butt.


Oh, and consider yourself disemvoweled for wasting my time and bandwidth with such sexist drivel. Go away now. Shoo!

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