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Funny, I had that exact same thought when I saw that MisterBS *and* Academicgame *and* Wolfangel *and* IA are all heading for the exits. I like to think that it's a sign of change -- that dissatisfied academics all over are getting out. But I also suspect that there's some kind of correlation between being a disaffected academic and blogging: I know I started my own blog after deciding to leave academia and searching around for stories of others who'd done the same (that was how I initially found IA's site).

Though now that I think of it? Maybe it's both. Maybe we're seeing some kind of tipping point both in the university and in the blogosphere. And maybe the "where to live" issue that you identified over at Heart of Canada -- which is a big factor for me too, by the way -- is becoming more and more pressing as the American political landscape gets more and more polarized into urban and rural areas? That's my half-baked theory, anyway.


I reckon Amanda's right. People thinking about leaving academia have probably got a lot of thoughts to sort out so they blog.


There may also be a kind of "crowd the exits" hive-mind thing going on. Or, maybe, the conditions have gotten so uniformly crappy for adjuncts that it's inevitable.


My blog was started just as I made that difficult decision to leave. Looking over my post, I don't think I agonized publicly about the decision. I do think, though, that a large part of my decision to leave was driven by a feeling that my intellectual world had become too narrow. Blogging help me rediscover some interests and convince me that life outside the academy was not a cultural wasteland.

In fact, I think blogs are a far more vital intellectual community than the academy. What they lack is a deep engagement wiith subjects, due to the breviity of posts.


Instead of filling up your comments, I replied here (I think I got the trackback to work)

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